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Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 4/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

J Lang
Jennifer Lang, PhD, Student, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
As a young researcher, the accomplishment I am the most proud of is publishing some of my PhD work in peer‐reviewed journals, including Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. It is extremely rewarding to see the results of hard work being featured in great journals. My PhD journey has been eventful and filled with ups and downs; however, the joy of seeing an accepted manuscript is worth the trouble!

Who has inspired you in your career?
My PhD supervisors, Dr. Aleksandra Galetin and Dr. Kayode Ogungbenro, have been a great source of inspiration. Their valuable advice and constant support have shaped my current work ethic. I am extremely grateful that I have had the chance to work with them. Dr. Galetin was the one who encouraged me to join ASCPT. Thanks to her, I discovered a great community and the high‐quality journals. Dr. Marylore Chenel and Dr. Ludwig Vincent also had a tremendous influence in my career by providing me with a different point of view—the industrial research perspective. They nicely complemented the academic mentoring, and their work experience has helped me to define my career goals.

When you aren’t working, how do you spend your free time?
I particularly enjoy cooking for my partner and my family. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing a nice meal with my loved ones and it is my own way to thank them for their support, their patience, and for being there for me.

How do you keep focused and motivated?
What motivates me is learning new knowledge and acquiring new skills. Education is part of a researcher’s life, and I enjoy broadening my expertise. I am the most focused when I am challenging myself.

What was your childhood dream job?
As a child, I had no clear view about what job I wanted to do. But I knew I wanted to work in research and discover new things, I have always wanted to be in a field that would allow me to support scientific progress.

Dr. Lang has been a member of ASCPT since 2020.

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