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Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 5/1/2022 12:00:00 AM

M Riggs
Matthew Riggs, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Metrum Research Group, Tarriffville, CT

What Professional Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?
I have been incredibly fortunate to have joined the clinical pharmacology field at a time of remarkable growth and reach into the advancement of therapeutics. Beginning in the 1990s, I was able to learn and work with many of the pioneers driving the emergence of population PK and PK-PD modeling. I’d like to believe that my contributions to research and training in what became known as pharmacometrics has helped, in part, to drive this progression. Likewise, I then had a unique opportunity to develop one of the first such quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) models that were subsequently used by the FDA during an NDA review. In all, my proudest accomplishment isn’t one thing, but that I have contributed to a much grander effort by our community to openly advance science for the betterment of clinical care.

What Is The Most Important Leadership Lesson You Have Learned The Hard Way?
It often seems easiest, most efficient, and immediately satisfying to lead into an initiative with “the answer” on how to achieve the objectives at hand. I’ve learned though that this approach can discredit, and even disenfranchise, the talented and innovative individuals that make up the team to be led. Instead, a leader’s first step should be to listen and then to provide the support, and occasional advice, needed for that team to succeed.

What Is Your Favorite Society Memory?
I have many fond memories of ASCPT Annual Meetings. It is where I first met many of the mentors from whom I have learned the trade and so many others who I call friends and colleagues today. Interacting with ASCPT members at meetings and as part of the Network and Community leadership, the Webinar Committee, and the Scientific Program Committee have all been indelible experiences. I am very thankful to the member volunteers and the ASCPT staff for working so tirelessly to create these opportunities.

When You Aren’t Working, How Do You Spend Your Free Time?
I pine for the great outdoors: many of my early mornings and weekends are spent working in the yard, hiking, trail running, culminating a few times each year in some fairly strenuous obstacle course races. The closer I am to the soil of the earth, the happier I am during my free time.

How Do You Keep Focused And Motivated?
I worked as a pharmacist in an independent community pharmacy through graduate school. I enjoyed the setting and getting to know the many co-workers and community members that made it a true village. In retrospect, though, that experience means all the more to me now. It gave me an opportunity to engage with many of the patients that I hope we can provide even better care for today. Whenever I work on a new drug program, I think of those individuals and patients, at the point of care, that may someday benefit from our work. It is for them that I work so diligently.

Dr. Riggs has been a member of ASCPT since 2006.

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