CPT Call for Papers: "Novel Modalities"

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 11/9/2022 12:27:00 PM

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics "Novel Modalities" themed issue
Novel Modalities

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Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT) is inviting submissions for a special themed issue on Novel Modalities that is scheduled for publication in September of 2023.

The Novel Modalities themed issue will focus on clinical pharmacology aspects and integrated approaches to advance the development of novel modalities that can overcome limitations for therapeutic innovation with classical approaches such as small molecules. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • NextGen Biologics: Bi-and multi-specific antibodies. Target selection, mechanistic diversity, and clinical translation
  • Cellular and humoral immunotherapy in oncology –CAR T-cell therapy and beyond
  • Single cell solutions for improving immunotherapy efficacy for promising anti-cancer therapeutics
  • Development of gene and cell therapies for rare diseases: Challenges, opportunities, and regulatory interactions
  • Development of novel modalities such as oligonucleotides, RNAi and protein degraders
  • Vaccines using DNA, RNA, or other novel approaches beyond conventional vaccines
  • Leveraging technologies such as qPCR, ddPCR, and flow cytometry for drug product quantitation to support development of complex drug modalities
  • iPSC derived NK cells: Clinical experience in hematologic malignancies
  • Adjuvant therapies after gene therapy
  • Strategies to manage complement activation
  • Tissue engineering, stem cells, gut microbiota
  • Digital medicine
Submissions of original research are particularly encouraged, but reviews, position/white papers or shorter perspectives are also welcome. Educational, tutorial-style papers will also be considered.

Please contact cpteditor@ascpt.org for details about manuscript types and format requirements, or review our Author Guidelines here.

To be considered for publication in this high-profile themed issue, manuscripts should be submitted via the online submission and tracking system by April 1, 2023.

If you would like to make a pre-submission inquiry, please contact the CPT editorial office at cpteditor@ascpt.org.

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