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ASCPT values students and trainee members as essential contributors to the Society and thus makes every effort to support them during this important time in their career development. Each year, the ASCPT Annual Meeting offers multiple opportunities for students and trainees to network with each other, as well as with mid-career and senior scientists. These events, along with other resources and online educational sessions, are intended to prepare students and trainees for a fulfilling, successful career within the disciplines of clinical pharmacology and translational science.

Each year, the ASCPT Annual Meeting includes programming specifically aimed at students and trainees. The Speed Mentoring and Trainee Breakfast events are offered annually, while other special sessions are planned on a year-by-year basis.

Speed Mentoring, which was reimagined for the ASCPT 2018 Annual Meeting, reflects ASCPT’s recognition that all members, regardless of career stage, have a unique perspective to share, and a belief that all members can benefit from peer-to-peer learning opportunities. This event, which requires pre-registration, allows for the opportunity to rotate through a series of one-on-one consultations with ASCPT members within a selected sector(s). The ASCPT Career Development Committee, with support from ASCPT staff, works to ensure that this event provides a compelling, relevant experience for both mentor and mentee participants.

Offered annually at the ASCPT Annual Meeting, the Trainee Breakfast affords students and trainees the chance to meet mid-career and senior scientists in academia, industry, regulatory, and consulting environments and discuss topics of their choice related to their current or future field of study. Questions about day in the life, career possibilities, skill sets to develop, advantages and disadvantages of working in various areas, and more, can be asked and answered over breakfast in a relaxed, small group atmosphere.

The Career Development Webinar Series offers a variety of topics related to career development within the context of clinical pharmacology and translational science. ASCPT members, find out about upcoming webinars and view archived webinars on our Online Education page.

The purpose of the ASCPT Mentoring Program is to match students/trainees with esteemed leaders in the field of clinical pharmacology and further the professional and personal development of the student/trainee. ASCPT will not define the relationship between the mentor and the mentee; however, guidelines are presented below to help new participants in the program.

Length of Commitment The initial introduction will be facilitated by ASCPT and it is anticipated that the pair will participate for at least one year. The mentor and mentee may agree to continue or discontinue meeting at their own discretion after one year.

What’s in it for you?

  • Contributing your expertise to aid the development of the next generation of scientists.
  • Your advice and counsel is valued and treasured.
  • Provides an integrated and extremely fulfilling part of your scientific life.
Do's and Don'ts for the ASCPT Mentoring Program

What’s in it for you?

  • Being paired with a leader in the field.
  • Personal and professional growth.
  • Getting expert advice, input, and answers to your career questions.
  • Having a good mentor early in your career can mean the difference between success and failure.
Do's and Don'ts for the ASCPT Mentoring Program

For more information on the ASCPT Mentor Program, please e-mail meetings@ascpt.org.
  • Clinical Pharmacology Training Programs (ABCP). Programs accredited or registered with the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP), at NIH Clinical Center. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) is a 12-month enrichment program designed for highly qualified, research-oriented medical or dental students interested in learning about the principles and practice of clinical and translational investigation.
  • National Institutes of Health Clinical/Research Electives Program. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Senior Medical Students.
  • Pharmacology Research Associate Program (NIGMS PRAT). A competitive postdoctoral fellowship program to pursue research in one of the laboratories of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Joint Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship Training Program. The WRAIR/USUHS Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship Training Program trains individuals, both military and civilian, to serve as clinical pharmacologists in a large variety of roles.
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