Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award

The Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award was established in 1986 to honor a young scientist for accomplishments in the field of clinical pharmacology achieved early in his/her career.

The goal of the Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award is to encourage and recognize these scientists active in the field of clinical pharmacology.

The nominee can be an academic, industrial, or regulatory scientist who has made a substantial contribution to clinical pharmacology within 10 years of the completion of an advanced degree and/or a post-doctoral fellowship or residency program.  An important aspect is that the recipient will be able to deliver an engaging presentation about the impact of their research.  The award is intended to foster the candidate’s potential for significant contributions to the future of clinical pharmacology.

The nominator’s assessment and letters of recommendation should contain evidence that the candidate has documented scientific contributions, as evidenced by either well cited publications, grants, patents, independent influence on important drug development or regulatory decisions, or other recognitions as may be relevant.

There are no restrictions concerning the scientific field in which nominees have earned their doctoral degrees.  Although it is encouraged, a nominee need not be a member of the Society.  

Prize and Presentation
The Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award is presented at the ASCPT Annual Meeting. The recipient will deliver a lecture on his/her work. In addition, the recipient of the award will receive a plaque and a $1,000 prize. Travel expenses, hotel expenses and meeting registration are reimbursed by the Society.

2017 Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award Recipient Announced:
*Previously Leon I. Goldberg Young Investigator Award from 1986-2015

Namandje N. Bumpus, PhD Michael Pacanowski, PharmD, MPH

Previous Recipients
2016 - Minoli Perera, PharmD, PhD
2016 - Liewei Wang, MD, PhD
2015- Mikko Niemi, MD, PhD
2014 - Nadav Ahituv, PhD
2013 - Federico Innocenti, MD, PhD
2012 - Michael Maitland, MD, PhD
2011 - Susan M. Abdel-Rahman, PharmD
2010 - Julia Stingl (née Kirchheiner), MD
2009 - Angela D. M. Kashuba, BScPhm, PharmD, DABCP
2008 - Sean Hennessy, PharmD, PhD
2007 - Sebastian Schneeweiss, MD, ScD
2006 - Micheline Piquette-Miller, PhD
2005 - William D. Figg, PharmD
2005 - Jaap W. Mandema, PhD
2004 - Julie Johnson, PharmD
2003 - Rachel Tyndale, PhD
2002 - Deanna L. Kroetz, PhD

2001 - Gerd Geisslinger, MD, PhD
2000 - Richard B. Kim, MD
1999 - Andre Terzic, MD, PhD
1998 - Mary V. Relling, PharmD
1997 - Michael Rieder, MD
1996 - Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD
1995 - Stephen D. Hall, PhD
1994 - Charles W. Flexner, MD
1993 - Lawrence G. Miller, MD
1992 - Dan M. Roden, MD
1991 - William E. Evans, PharmD
1990 - Kathleen M. Giacomini, PhD
1989 - Brian B. Hoffman, MD
1988 - Donald R. Stanski, MD
1987 - Oscar L. Laskin, MD
1986 - Eric P. Brass, MD, PhD

Leon I. Goldberg Award Testimonial
2010: Julia Stingl, MD

For more information about the Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award, please contact ASCPT at (703) 836-6981 or
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