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When you join ASCPT, you become part of the premier organization dedicated to clinical pharmacology; advancing your career by connecting with over 2,200 scientists with whom you can collaborate and learn, and by gaining access to, and contributing to, cutting edge perspectives on our profession.

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Steps for Joining ASCPT

1. Create and activate a personal profile in the ASCPT database. You will be prompted to search for your account using your email address; this prevents the creation of duplicate member records, in case you submitted an article for one of our journals, attended a conference or otherwise interacted with the Society. If you prefer to skip this step, please join using our PDF application.

2. All paid applicants are instantly approved, however membership applications are subject to review and decline by Sharon Swan, ASCPT’s CEO, if found to be not in compliance with the Society.  A complete Curriculum Vitae (CV) may be requested if there are questions regarding your membership eligibility.

3. Applicants who pay dues but fail to qualify for membership will be granted a refund less a $50USD processing fee. Applicants who wish to change the method of payment after it has been processed will be charged a $50 USD processing fee to update the credit card. Applicants who cancel their membership will not be granted a refund. Please email membership questions

Thank you for your interest in ASCPT! Please contact us at if we can be of assistance in any way.

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Applicants must pay their ASCPT dues prior to registering for the Annual Meeting or will be subject to a $50 USD processing fee to update their registration status.

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