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A great story can make all the difference in the world.

You are the greatest testimony to the benefits of the ASCPT membership experience. Make a difference by sharing your membership story today as part of the Member-Get-a-Member Campaign (MGAM)! Share what you value about your membership to help expand your network and grow the Society by referring your colleagues who would benefit from involvement with ASCPT. 

Submit your referrals today by completing the MGAM referral form

Submit your interest in becoming an ASCPT member

To participate, encourage your friends and colleagues to join the Society*. If they use your name as the referrer, you will be eligible to win one of our ASCPT Top Member Advocate awards and receive the Choose Your Own ASCPT Adventure prize package to select one of the following:

  • Complimentary registration to the ASCPT 2024 Annual Meeting
  • Complimentary ASCPT annual membership dues for the following year
  • Complimentary open access fee for one (1) accepted original article in your journal of choice from the ASCPT journal family
You can easily submit your membership referrals using this form or directly to the membership team at members@ascpt.org. For tips and resources to help you with outreach to your colleagues, please visit our Member-Get-a-Member recruitment toolkit.

We will reach out on your behalf and invite your colleagues to become a part of the leading Society devoted to the safe and effective discovery, development, regulation, and utilization of medicines for improved patient care. Thank you for your participation!

*Participants must refer at least five (5) new members to be eligible. Campaign runs from January 1 – December 31, 2023. In the event the Top Member Advocate has already registered for the current Annual Meeting and selects that as the prize, the complimentary registration will be effective for the future year’s Annual Meeting. Any tie will be selected by random draw.

Congratulations to the Current Top Member Advocate!

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“ASCPT has been invaluable to meet people in its network of experts through Community steering committees, attending the Annual Meeting, following the journals and leaders on LinkedIn, and learning from the webinar library available.”
-Jacqueline Ernest, BSc, Top Member Advocate
Bhanu Prakash Kamma photo
“ASCPT is a one-stop solution for journals, webinars, and engaging with like-minded colleagues. I wanted to personally contribute to a legendary society like ASCPT that supports the next generation of PharmD graduates.”
-Bhanu Prakash Kamma, PharmD, Top Member Advocate

As a member, you are the greatest testimony to the benefits of belonging to ASCPT. Refer a colleague today!

A Great Story Can Make All the Difference: Why ASCPT is the Society of Choice for Top Member Advocates

Join previous Top Member Advocates Shravani Etrouth, PharmD, and Pradeep Lukka, PhD, as they discuss how they learned about ASCPT and decided to join, why they choose to share their membership stories and refer colleagues, and how they leveraged ASCPT membership to their advantage to enhance their professional development.

Applicants and current members agree to comply with the ASCPT membership terms and conditions.
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