ASCPT News, April 4, 2019

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Review the Science Presented at ASCPT 2019 and Propose a Pre-Conference Program for 2020!
PDFs of the 2019 Pre-Conferences and Annual Meeting speaker presentations are now available online, and ASCPT is seeking proposals for 2020 Pre-Conferences.

2019 Annual Meeting Speaker Presentations Are Now Online
Did you miss a presentation or would you like to view the latest science and advances in the field of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine presented by speakers at the ASCPT 2019 Pre-Conferences and Annual Meeting? Presentations are only included for speakers who agreed to have their presentations posted on the ASCPT website. Presentations are provided for viewing purposes only and may not be used or re-distributed without the express written permission of ASCPT. View PDFs of the presentations online now

Submit a Proposal for One of Two Pre-Conference Events to Be Held at ASCPT 2020 
The ASCPT Board of Directors is accepting Pre-Conference program proposals for the 2020 ASCPT Annual Meeting in Houston, TX, March 17-21. 

The submission process for 2020 Pre-Conference proposals is still open to all ASCPT members, but will close just one week from now, Monday, April 22, 2019. The decision on which Pre-Conference will be accepted for development for the 2020 Annual Meeting will be based on the following criteria:
  • Timeliness, relevance, and scientific importance of the topic; 
  • Ability to attract 150-250 attendees, and; 
  • Use of a variety of teaching methods geared toward adult learners.
Proposals must contain the following essential elements:
  • A well-developed 150 word description of the Pre-Conference program; 
  • Names of co-sponsoring ASCPT Networks/Communities or other organizations.  If you are working with another organization(s), please include name(s), contact information, and details on the role of co-sponsor(s) in the Pre-Conference;
  • An outline identifying key topics and key speakers identified by name, title, and institution;
  • Description of all AV needs to execute the Pre-Conference, and;  
  • Any additional details as requested by the ASCPT Board during the consideration process. 
Proposals may be for a Pre-Conference program of 1, 1.5, or 2 days in length (March 17-18, 2020).  ASCPT staff will draft an estimated budget for all proposals based on key expense items, including number and location of non-member speakers, speaker travel, AV needs, internet/wireless needs, food and beverage, and other relevant Pre-Conference costs. The Board will consider both the proposal and the budget estimate and will select the proposals for presentation as ASCPT 2020 Pre-Conferences based on the above noted criteria.
Questions about Pre-Conference proposals and submissions can be directed to Elise Laffman-Johnson at elise@ascpt.org

Members-Only Webinar Happening Today!
The Pharmacogenomics Community invites all ASCPT members to join them for an exciting webinar taking place today, Thursday, April 4 at 11:00 AM EDT, From Genotype to Multiple Phenotypes: Drug-Induced and Disease-Induced Phenoconversion.

In this presentation, examples of the heterogeneity observed in populations as it pertains to cytochrome P450 isoform activities (phenotype) will be reviewed. The presenters will dissect this variability by looking at the role of various variables such as individual characteristics such as age, gender, weight, disease, genotype, and the role of environment. This webinar will address more specific phenoconversion situations (genotype/phenotype mismatches) due to concomitant drug administration. Finally, there will be a discussion on the influence of chronic inflammation on cytochrome P450 activities. Examples of misinterpretation of genotype results and unexpected drug response due to inappropriate dose use or drug selected will be presented. Tips will be provided on how to improve interpretation of genotype results to offer appropriate recommendations for drug use in patents with polypharmacy and various diseases. 

Register now!

For more information on this webinar, future webinars, and ASCPT’s webinar program, please visit https://www.ascpt.org/Member-Services/Member-Tools/Webinar-Resources.  

New Podcast Available and Call for Original Research
PSPod’s newest episode on QSP modeling is now available. Also, the ASCPT Journal Family encourages you to submit original research.

New PSPod Episode Available Now
On the newest episode of PSPod, Drs. Piet van der Graaf and Suruchi Bakshi from Certara QSP and Leiden University, and Dr. Chao Chen from Clinical Pharmacology Modeling & Simulation at GlaxoSmithKline, discuss quantitative systems pharmacology modeling in relation to the study of Parkinson’s disease. This discussion is based on the recent Review article, Mathematical Biology Models of Parkinson's Disease that published in the February 2019 issue of PSP.

Call for Original Research Submissions
The ASCPT Journal Family welcome submissions on a broad range of clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, systems pharmacology, and translational medicine topics. To learn more about the journals, and where your research might fit, watch the webinar Where to Submit to the ASCPT Journal Family or send a presubmission inquiry, including title and abstract, to Managing Editor Emma Shumeyko at emma@ascpt.org.

Your Leading Resource for Finding Qualified Candidates is Complimentary!
Searching for quality candidates? Search the ASCPT Career Center Resume Bank. 

Access and the ability to browse resumes is complimentary. Contact the candidates and pay ONLY when the candidate is interested in your position! Start your search now!

ASCPT Welcomes the following New Members to the Society: 
Lana Almansour, PharmD
Kristin Ball, PharmD
Christopher Benko, MBA
Isaac Blum
Lou Cappoli
Morgan Carson-Marino, MS
Michael DeBerry
Eileen Doyle, PharmD
Lanyan Fang, PhD
Xiao Feng, PhD
Deanna Friedrich, BS
Laura Garcia Capdevila, RN
Edisa Gozun, PharmD
Elizabeth Hankla, PharmD
Mir Hashim, PhD
Ping Hu, PhD
Omar Issa, BSc
Bernadette Johnson-Williams
Rujuta Joshi, PhD
Ki Soon Kim, PhD
Mary Knudson, PharmD
Zamas Lam, PhD
Carmine Lanni
Su Liang, PhD
Shuguang Ma, PhD
Ranvir Mangat, MSc
Matt Marano, BSc
Lei Miao, PhD
Denise Morris, PhD
Padmaja Mummaneni, PhD
Ken Nguyen, PhD
Obinna Obianom, PhD
Samuel Poloyac, PharmD, PhD
Lucas Poon, PharmD
Xia Pu, PhD
Jie Shao, MS
Renu Singh, PhD
Robert Trinka, BS
Zoi Tsimtsiou, MD
D. Russell Wada, PhD
Jian Wang, PhD
Ying-Hong Wang, PhD
Robert Wessel
Masayuki Yokode, MD
Weijiang Zhang, PhD
Athena F. Zuppa, MD

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