ASCPT News: March 2021

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The ASCPT 2021 Annual Meeting: An Online Experience starts March 8!
Register now for the ASCPT 2021 Annual Meeting, a fully online meeting that will accommodate any time zone or schedule!

Check out the ASCPT 2021 Annual Meeting online program featuring incredible sessions such as Model-Informed Dosing: Ready for Implementation in Clinical Care chaired by Saskia de Wildt, MD, PhD, and J. Steven Leeder, PharmD, PhD, as well as Analytical Pillars of Drug Development: Application to Rare/Ultra-Rare Disease by Featured Speaker Steven Ryder, MD. You can also register for the Post-Meeting program, the International Transporter Consortium Workshop 4 (additional registration fees apply). 

ASCPT 2021 Annual Meeting: March 8-12 and 15-17, 2021
International Transporter Consortium Workshop 4*: April 19-21, 2021
*Note: The Post-Meeting Workshop requires a separate registration fee.

Questions about the 2021 Annual Meeting or registration can be sent to meetings@ascpt.org.


Network & Community Experience

The ASCPT 2021 inaugural Network & Community Experience (NCE) kicked off the 2021 Annual Meeting to great success with impressive member engagement and enriching science, networking, and innovation.

To recognize the great achievements of its Networks and Communities, ASCPT’s Board of Directors founded three (3) new awards that were presented during this online event. Congratulations to the awardees!
  • Network & Community Engagement Award
    Ryan Funk, PharmD, PhD – Chair, Quantitative Pharmacology (QP) Network 
  • Network & Community Outstanding Leadership Award
    Songmao (Ben) Zheng, PhD, – Chair, Early Career (EC) Community
  • Network & Community Development Award
    Development, Regulatory & Outcomes (DRO) Network
    Chair – Anuradha Ramamoorthy, PhD | Vice Chair – Jing Liu, PhD | Past Chair – Robin O’Connor-Semmes, PharmD, PhD
All Annual Meeting registrants also have access to the NCE on demand for one year! Plan to make time to watch relevant sessions from more than 26 hours of programming available. Simply log into the Annual Meeting with your credentials provided, go to the Network and Community schedule, select the session you want to view, and click on “Video.”

2021 ASCPT Journal Awards Presented
Join us in congratulating this year’s recipients of the ASCPT Journal Awards!

The recipients of the Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Award are Mwango Kashoki, MD, MPH, Zahra Hanaizi, PharmD, Stella Yordanova, MA, Richard Veselý, MD, Christelle Bouygues, PharmD, Jordi Llinares, MD, and Sandra L. Kweder, MD, for their original research article, “A comparison of EMA and FDA decisions for new drug marketing applications 2014-2016: Concordance, discordance and why.” The paper covers the joint efforts of a group of international regulatory scientists who studied the concordance of new drug approvals between the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency for a period of 3 years, resulting in the most comprehensive study of its kind to date. Asking the question, “Are regulators communicating across borders?” the authors concluded that yes, cross-border dialogue between international regulatory agencies is a well-established, almost daily occurrence. 

CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology presented its award to senior author Wilhelm Huisinga and his co-authors Corinna Maier, MS, Niklas Hartung, PhD, Jana de Wiljes, PhD, and Charlotte Kloft, PhD, for their original research article, “Bayesian data assimilation to support informed decision-making in individualized chemotherapy.” The authors presented a new methodology for supporting dose-selection in a therapeutic drug/biomarker monitoring setting, and their fully-Bayesian data assimilation approach overcame the limitations of current state-of-the-art approached based on point estimates (MAP), allowing for a comprehensive uncertainty quantification. Applied to cytotoxic chemotherapy, this allowed them to quantify the risk of life-threatening neutropenia and the probability that the therapy would prove ineffective. 

Choosing to recognize the paper that best represents the timely, impactful, influential, and careful research that exemplifies translational science, Clinical and Translational Science presented its 2021 Award to Ksenia Blinova, PhD, Derek Schocken, PhD, Dakshesh Patel, PhD, Chathuri Daluwatte, PhD, Jose Vicente, PhD, Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD, and David G. Strauss, MD, PhD, for their original research article, “Clinical Trial in a dish: Personalized stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte assay compared with clinical trial results for two QT-prolonging drugs.” This bench-to-bedside paper demonstrates that the immaturity and inherent variability of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CMs) can significantly obscure subject-specific drug response prediction in the clinic—a very important finding. 
Congratulations to all our award recipients for their outstanding contributions to the ASCPT Family of Journals!


How Are You Attending #ASCPT2021?
We miss seeing everyone at the Annual Meeting, so share how you are attending the #ASCPT2021 Online Experience.

We want to know how you plan on attending the Annual Meeting.  Are you wearing fuzzy slippers or still in your business attire? Is your meeting colleague a pet or maybe a young distance learner?  Share with us using the hashtag #myASCPT2021 on your favorite platform:


Let ASCPT Help You Navigate Your Career Path
Are you attending the 2021 Annual Meeting and looking to take your career to the next level?

Make sure you plan to visit our Recruitment Partners in the ASCPT Recruitment Hub to explore hiring opportunities and favorite the micro-recruitment sessions to add them to your agenda.

Let ASCPT help you navigate your future career path in confidence. Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to lia@ascpt.org


ASCPT Welcomes the following New Members to the Society: 

Dalia Abdullah, BSc
Amy Barton, PharmD
Agathe Beranger, MD, PhD
Charles Bon, MSc
Karen Brown, PharmD
Jeanine Day, BS
Tanner DeGiovanni, BS
Alexander Floren, BS
Prithvijeet Singh Kharnal, BS
Chun-Tien Kuo, MS
Maya Leabman, PhD
Yun Ling, MS
Marc McCann, PharmD
Nicholas Meyer, PharmD
Marilyn Morris, PhD
Yuji Orito, MS
Aaron Pearston, BS
Teodora Pene Dumitrescu, PhD
Jennifer Talaty, MS
Jing Wang, PhD
Isaac Yoo, MS


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