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Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 9/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

J Johnson
Julie A. Johnson, PharmD, Dean & Distinguished Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

What Professional Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?
I’m most proud of my record of training young scientists and the accomplishments they have gone on to have. Many of them are now leaders in ASCPT.

What Is the Most Important Leadership Lesson You Have Learned the Hard Way?
It’s important to get input from a team, but sometimes you have to make hard decisions. You have to have the ability to recognize when you have to step beyond some others’ (and maybe your) comfort zone to make the decision that’s in the best interest of the organization/entity where you are a leader.

Who Has Inspired You in Your Career?
My first chair, Bill Evans, PharmD, has been an inspiration in the way he stayed laser-focused on research but also made incredible contributions as a leader.

What Is Your Favorite Society Memory?
Pushing my baby in her stroller through the poster session. Now she is 26, and people still come up to me and bring up that they remember me doing that.

When You Aren’t Working, How Do You Spend Your Free Time?
Outside and being active: doing yoga, biking, hiking, and scuba diving.

How Do You Keep Focused and Motivated?
I stay focused and motivated by making sure I take enough time for myself and my family. It is important to set boundaries between work and personal life. Doing that leads to more professional satisfaction and productivity.

What Was Your Childhood Dream Job?
To be a veterinarian.

What’s One Thing People Would be Surprised to Know About You?
That I’ve run two marathons.

Dr. Johnson has been a member of ASCPT since 1993.

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