Submit Your Application for ASCPT’s Inaugural Leadership Accelerator Cohort

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 5/15/2023 12:00:00 AM

Early Career Members: Submit Your Application for ASCPT’s Inaugural Leadership Accelerator Cohort 

ASCPT is pleased to open the call for applications for the first ASCPT Leadership Accelerator cohort. This pilot program, which will extend from September 2023 to March 2025, is a unique opportunity for early career scientists to garner first-hand experience with all aspects of ASCPT, including its Governance, Membership, Education, and Journals divisions. 

Participants in the ASCPT Leadership Accelerator will each be assigned a mentor who is an experienced and engaged member of our Society. Additionally, each member of the cohort will join one of the many existing ASCPT committees/taskforces and will receive an invitation to attend the annual Fall Board of Directors Meeting virtually. The Accelerator experience will also include customized and exclusive webinars presented by both established ASCPT leaders and key staff members, and cohort members attending the ASCPT 2024 Annual Meeting will be encouraged to attend an invitation-only session to discuss the current state of the program and suggest improvements for this and future cohorts.

Ideal candidates will be outstanding early career scientists with a passion for our discipline, science, patients, drug discovery and development, peer-review publishing, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM as well as a wish to become more involved in and continue to grow ASCPT. Candidates must be current members of ASCPT in the early career stage (defined as within the first 5 years of practice) and must have a demonstrated track record of service to or involvement with ASCPT (i.e., member of one or more Networks/Communities or committee, service in a volunteer position, review record for one or more of ASCPT’s journals). Candidates will have at least one year of career experience in clinical pharmacology, translational science, pharmacometrics, systems pharmacology, or a related field. The Leadership Accelerator is an 18-month education and training opportunity for the selected candidates and, as such, no compensation will be provided. Because of the length of the program and time commitment involved, selected candidates would be ineligible to apply for the ASCPT Journal Family Editors-in-Training program or other similar leadership training programs offered by ASCPT.  

To be considered for the inaugural Leadership Accelerator cohort, please send your CV and a one-page letter of interest to Alaina Webster at alaina@ascpt.org by COB, Friday, June 23, 2023. Interviews will be held with select applicants in late-June through early-July, and final selected candidates will be notified by July 14, 2023. Cohort members should plan for a September 6, 2023, start date.  

ASCPT affirms that diversity and inclusion drive innovation, excellence, and new knowledge. Bringing together people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives makes us stronger and supports our mission. We offer a collaborative work environment and strive to create a culture of belonging for all our volunteers. Candidates who identify as part of a historically marginalized group are actively encouraged to apply (you can read ASCPT’s full diversity, equity, and inclusion statement here).

Any additional information can be obtained from Alaina Webster at alaina@ascpt.org

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