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New Horizons in Clinical Pharmacology: Implementing Patient-Centric Sampling in the Era of Decentralized Clinical Trials, Part 1
New Horizons in Clinical Pharmacology: Implementing Patient-Centric Sampling in the Era of Decentralized Clinical Trials, Part 2
Presented by the Decentralized Trials Network & Community Collaboration
May 2024


Webinar Recordings:
 Title Speakers Primary Audience Original Presentation Date
Forecasting the Risk of Adverse Drug Events and Simultaneous Multi-Drug Interactions: A Strategic Approach Using Real-world Data and Predictive Analytics Sebastian Härtter, PharmD, PhD
Lawrence J. Lesko, PhD
Veronique Michaud, PhD
Jacques Turgeon, PhD
ASCPT Partner, GalenusRX July, 2024
Dose Optimization Requirements for Oncology Drug Combinations: Insights from the US and China Jing Nie, PhD
Olanrewaju Okusanya, PharmD
Yaning Wang, PhD
Ping Xu, PhD
ASCPT Oncology Community
DIA China
June 2024
Exploring Best Practices in First-In-Human (FIH) and Human AME (hAME) Studies to Facilitate Informed Decision Making Jocelyn Courville, PhD
Ad Roffel, PhD
ASCPT Partner, ICON May, 2024
The Benzodiazepine Era Lecture Award recipient is David J. Greenblatt, MD  ASCPT FDA 2024 William B Abrams Award Lecture May 2024
Best Practices, Considerations for Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometric Aspects for Optimal Development of CAR-T and TCR-T Cell Therapies Shirley Chang, PhD
Dale Miles, PhD
Hardik Mody, PhD
Vijay Upreti, PhD
Lucy Xu, PhD
ASCPT Journal Family
Cell, Gene, Regenerative Medicine, and Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (CGRN) Community
Oncology (ONC) Communities
January 2024
Best Practices for Bioanalytical and Immunogenicity Assessment Aspects of CAR-T Cellular Therapies Development: An Industry Perspective
Presentation Slides
Audience Questions
Nanda Balasubramanian, PhD
Shirley Chang, PhD
Jochem Gokemeijer, PhD
Lucy Xu, PhD
Weifeng Xu, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals January 2024
Establishing a Framework for Precision Dosing in a Clinical Trial Speakers: Vanessa Burns, PhD
Ron Keizer, PharmD, PhD
Jason Rizzo, MBA
ASCPT Partner, InsightRX December 2023
CYTOCON: The Manually Curated Database of Human In Vivo Cell and Molecule Concentrations
Presentation Slides
Oleg Demin, PhD
Elita Gerasimuk
Vladislav Leonov, PhD
Ekaterina Mogilevskaya, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals November 2023
Using Community Engagement Studios to Enhance Pharmacogenetic Study Design for Maximizing Enrollment of Diverse Children and Pregnant People
Presentation Slides
Speakers: Leslie Boone, MPPH
Tiffany Israel, MSSW
Elizabeth Jasper, PhD
Moderator: Megan Shuey, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals August 2023
ASCPT Partner Event: Bristol Myers Squibb Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics Networking Event
Presentation Slides
Akintunde Bello, PhD
Bindu Murthy, PharmD
Li Zhu, PhD
Anna Kondic, PhD, MBA
Neelima Thanneer, MS
Brian Schmidt, PhD
ASCPT Partner: Bristol Myers Squibb July 2023
Alternatives for Rifampin as a CYP3A Inducer in DDI Studies in View of N-Nitrosamine Impurity Issues
Presentation Slides
Listen to the follow up podcast episode!
Sabina Paglialunga, PhD
Aernout van Haarst, PhD
Moderator: Mayur K. Ladumor, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals June 2023
Recommended Practices and Ethical Considerations for Natural Language Processing-Assisted Observational Research: A Scoping Review Sunyang Fu, PhD
Hongfang Liu, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals June 2023
An Introduction to Causal Inference for Pharmacometricians
Audience Questions
James A. Rogers, PhD ASCPT Family of Journals May 2023
ASCPT Leadership Accelerator: A Seat at the Table Panelists: Antoinette Ajavon-Hartmann, PhD
Mark Dresser, PhD
Walter Kraft, MD
Anuradha Ramamoorthy, PhD
Matt Rizk, PhD
ASCPT Board of Directors May 2023
ASCPT Partner Session: Studies with 13C- and 14C-Labeled Investigational Medicinal Products in Humans
Audience Questions
Ad Roffel, PhD
Arjen Akkerman, PharmD
Moderators: Shayna Killam, PharmD
ASCPT Partner: ICON May 2023
Right Target, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Patients - Learn about Quantitative Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics at Merck Theresa (Yuraszeck) Crockett, PhD
Yash Kapoor, PhD
Moderator: Zeyuan Wang, PhD
ASCPT Partner: Merck April 2023
ASCPT Early Career (EC) Community Interview Series Featuring: Daniele Ouellet, PhD, and Karen Rowland Yeo, PhD Daniele Ouellet, PhD
Karen Rowland Yeo, PhD
Interviewer: Wafaa Aldhafiri, BS
Moderators: Stefanie K. Drescher, PhD
Sean McCann, BS
Early Career Community April 2023
ASCPT 2023 Partner Presentation: Sink or Swim: Successfully Executing NDA-Enabling Studies to Avoid Rough Waters Lona Sheeran ASCPT Partner: Worldwide Clinical Trials April 2023
Role of Transporters in Toxicity
Audience Questions
Lauren Aleksunes, PharmD, PhD
Shuiying Hu, PhD
Yurong Lai, PhD
Jason Sprowl, PhD (moderator)
ASCPT Journal Family
Membrane Transporter (MT) Community
April 2023
Application of Longitudinal Item Response Theory Models to Modeling Parkinson's Disease Progression Sheng Luo, PhD ASCPT Family of Journals October 2022
ASCPT Partner Presentation: The Importance of Identifying Ethnic Differences For Global Drug Development Andrew Melli
Nozomu Miyawaki
ASCPT Partner, SOUSEIKAI September 2022
Hallmarks of Neurodegenerative Disease: A Systems Pharmacology Perspective Speaker: Peter Bloomingdale, PhD
Moderator: Brian Cicali, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals September 2022
Using R for Statistical Analysis of Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies – An Interactive Webinar
Questions Answered PDF
Ann-Cathrine Dalgård Dunvald
Ditte B. Iversen
Moderator: Sonal Singh, PhD
Brought to you by ASCPT Journal Family August 2022
Fit-for-Purpose Biometric Monitoring Technologies: Leveraging the Laboratory Biomarker Experience Elena S. Izmailova, PhD
Mai Mehanna, MS
Benjamin Vandendriessche, PhD
John A. Wagner, MD, PhD
ASCPT Journal Family and Biomarkers & Translational Tools (BTT) Community April 2022
Use of Real-World Evidence to Drive Drug Development Strategy and Inform Clinical Trial Design
(Webinar References)
(Presentation Slides)
Simon Dagenais, PhD
Jing Liu, PhD
Mohamed Shahin, PhD
Jennifer Webster, MS
Brought to you by ASCPT Partner: Pfizer April 2022
Micro-Recruitment Session with Merck Tjerk Bueters, PhD
Janita Hogan, PhD
Theresa Yuraszeck, PhD
Brought to you by ASCPT Partner: Merck February 2022
Everything You Wanted to Know About ASCPT’s Editor-in-Training Program (Presentation Slides) Viva Ayyar, PhD
Iris Minichmayr, PhD
Max Smith, PharmD
Tore Stage, PhD
Stephani Stancil, PhD
Natasha Strydom, PhD
Presented by the ASCPT Journal Family February 2022
ASCPT Early Career (EC) Community Interview Series Featuring: Antoinette Ajavon-Hartmann, PhD Antoinette Ajavon-Hartmann, PhD
Emily Cicali, PharmD
Nithya Srinivas, PhD
Early Career (EC) Community December 2021
Brown Bag: Road to University of Cincinnati's Online Pharmacogenomics Degree Program: Career Outlook Carrie Hoefer, PhD Brought to you by ASCPT Partner: University of Cincinnati November 2021
ASCPT Career Center Micro-Recruitment Session with AbbVie Inc. Deanna J. Brackman, PhD
Sandy Huynh, MBA
Apurvasena Parikh, PhD
Mohamad Shebley, PhD
Brought to you by ASCPT Partner: AbbVie Inc. November 2021
Brown Bag: Road to University of Cincinnati's Online Pharmacogenomics Degree Program Carrie Hoefer, PhD Brought to you by ASCPT Partner: University of Cincinnati October 2021
Road to University of Cincinnati's Online Pharmacogenomics Degree Program Carrie Hoefer, PhD
Kai Huang, BS
Brought to you by ASCPT Partner: University of Cincinnati October 2021
Translational Pharmacogenomics and Race Conscious Medicine: Complicated and Complex Nita Limdi, PharmD, PhD ASCPT Family of Journals September 2021
 Introduction to the Student & Trainee (ST) Community Chimnonso Onuoha, PharmD 
Shravani Etrouth, PharmD
Apostolos Papachristos, PharmD, PhD
Donald Heald, PhD
Lisa Infelise
 Student & Trainee (ST) Community September 2021
Promoting Your Research on Social Media Max Smith, PharmD
Stephani Stancil, PhD
ASCPT Family of Journals and the Editors-in-Training August 2021
A Modeling and Simulation Primer for the Design of Pediatric Pharmacokinetic Studies John Mondick, PhD
Curtis Johnston, PharmD
Sponsored by Metrum June 2021
Micro-Recruitment Session with Certara’s Mark Lovern, PhD Mark Lovern, PhD ASCPT Career Center May 2021
Interactive Simulation to Integrate Pharmacometrics and Health Economics Marc Gastonguay, PhD
Daniel Polhamus, PhD
Jing Liu, PhD
Anna (Georgieva) G. Kondic, PhD
Jean Lachaine, PhD
Sponsored by Metrum May 2021
Use of Extended Clearance Concept and PBPK Modeling in New Drug Discovery and Development: Predicting Target Tissue Exposure from In Vitro to In Vivo (Presentation Slides) Yuichi Sugiyama, PhD, RIKEN Baton Zone Program International Transporter Consortium March 2021
ASCPT 2021: Patient Forum Jean C. Dinh, PharmD, PhD
Kathryn Momary, PharmD
Ramona N. Burress, PharmD
Taylor Morris, MA
Monica Weldon, BS
Kristen N. Resendez
ASCPT 2021 March 2021
ASCPT 2021: State of the Art Speaker - Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD ASCPT 2021 March 2021
Black in Clinical Pharmacology: A Discussion of Experiences Namandje Bumpus, PhD
Angela J. James, PhD
Tamorah R. Lewis, MD, PhD
Akinyemi O. Oni-Orisan, PharmD, PhD
Elvin T. Price, PharmD, PhD
ASCPT 2021 March 2021
ASCPT 2021 Certara Minisode: The Road to Global Health Karen Rowland Yeo, PhD
Patrick Smith, PharmD
ASCPT 2021 March 2021
ASCPT Career Center Micro-Recruitment Session with the US Food and Drug Administration Doanh Tran, PhD, Deputy Director Division of Cardiometabolig and Endocrine Pharmacology
Carol Ambush, Project Manager, Office of Clinical Pharmacology
ASCPT Career Center June 2020
ASCPT Career Center Micro-Recruitment Session with Certara Julie Bullock, Vice President, Integrated Drug Development
Emily Cox, Director, Talent Acquisition
ASCPT Career Center June 2020
Reviewer Readiness: How to be an Effective Reviewer for ASCPT Journals Valentina Shakhnovic, MD
Deanna Kroetz, PhD
ASCPT Journal Family
CTS journal
January 2020
Pediatric Master Protocols: Clinical Pharmacology Challenges and Opportunities Luna Musib, PhD
Elimika Pfuma Fletcher, PharmD, PhD
Nita Seibel, MD
Special Populations Community
Regulatory Science Community
October 2019
Perfecting Your ASCPT Meeting Experience How to Make the Most of Your First ASCPT Annual Meeting Brian Corrigan, PhD ASCPT 2019 Annual Meeting February 2019
How to Develop and Qualify Biomarkers  Biomarker Consortium Perspective Joseph P. Menetski, PhD  CTS Journal February 2019
2018 ITC Update on Clinically-Relevant Transporters, Clinical Probes, and DDI Evaluation Maciej Zamek-Gliszczynski, PhD CPT Journal December 2018
Endogenous Biomarkers of Membrane Transporters and Model Based Prediction of Clinic Kenta Yoshida, PhD
Xinning Yang, PhD
PSP Journal October 2018
ASCPT Abstracts – Everything You Need to Know (Webinar Transcript) Kellie Schoolar Reynolds, PharmD Annual Meeting August 2018
Member Orientation Webinar Sponsored by Cytel Jin Yan Jin, PhD ASCPT New Members  
New Member Welcome Jin Yan Jin, PhD ASCPT New Members  
2018 Scientific Proposals - Secrets to Success Virginia (Ginny) D. Schmith, PhD, FCP  ASCPT Members May 2017
New Member Welcome Webinar for 2017 Annual Meeting Attendees
Jin Yan Jin, PhD
New ASCPT Members February 2017
How to Participate in the ASCPT 2017 Annual Meeting
  Membrane Transporter February 2017
Model Evaluation of Continuous Data Pharmacometric Models: Metrics and Graphics France Mentré ASCPT Journal Family December 2017
Driving Patient-Centered Translational Medicine
Christopher P. Austin, MD
ASCPT Journal Family January 2017
Implementing Pharmacogenetic Tests for Patient Care Using Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC®) Guidelines
Mary V. Relling, PharmD
ASCPT Journal Family September 2016
Journal Club "Comparison of Genome Sequencing and Clinical Genotyping for Pharmacogenes" (Presentation Slides)
*recording presentation only, no audio
Wenjian Yang Pharmacogenomics  September 2016
Pharmacokinetics and Dose Adjustments for Monoclonal Antibodies in IBD - Considerations and Applications in Clinical Practice (Q&A Responses)
Diane Mould, PhD
Anne Strik, MD
ASCPT Journal Family June 2016



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