Oncology (ONC) Community

Community Goals
  • Provide forums (e.g. teleconference) for ongoing interactions of Community members to foster new relationships and provide interactive scientific discussion on current key issues in oncology.
  • Develop a list of best practices for Annual Meeting scientific programming proposals that leads to scientifically rich, well-developed collaborative proposals that address current key issues in oncology.
  • Utilize social media to post impactful publications or presentations, permit commentary, and promote discussion among members.
  • Develop a list of standardized criteria to prioritize scientific proposals in collaboration with members of other Communities housed within the Translational & Precision Network.
Community News
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Mark Stroh, PhD

Dr. Stroh is currently Senior Director in Clinical Pharmacology at CytomX Therapeutics following several previous positions across the industry of increasing responsibility.  He has his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. Read his full bio.


Vice Chair
Shruti Agrawal, PhD
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Read her full bio here.
Past Chair
Stacy Shord, PharmD

Dr. Shord's special interests include the clinical development of antibody drug conjugates and epigenome targeted drugs. Full bio

Community Working Groups
Communications Working Group
Identify the communications tools, shared content and frequency desired by Community members.
Identify a means for Community members to identify content (publications, presentation links, etc.) for consideration.
Shruti Agrawal, PhD
Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Working Group Member:
Antoinette Ajavon, PhD, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Forum Working Group
Identify the forum (webinar, local face-to-face meetings, etc) structure desired by Community members.
Identify the frequency and timeframe for the forum desired by Community members.

Angela James, PhD
Astellas Pharma

Working Group Members:
Yan Ji, PhD, Novartis
Imke Bartelink, PharmD, PhD, University of California San Franscisco

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