Advancing the Use of Mathematical and Computational Approaches in Drug Development

Author: Eric Sobie, PhD on August 29, 2019


Many readers of PSP are members of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP). Those who are not members are at least likely to be familiar with the society’s activities, such as the American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP). Even readers who are active members of the Society, however, may sometimes be confused about the various sub-committees, or Special Interest Groups (SIGs), that are active within the Society. To help clarify and promote one of the newer ISoP SIGs, Dr. Helen Moore has recently published a Perspective on the activities of the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) SIG in PSP. Moore’s piece provides a valuable introduction to the SIG that should motivate readers with overlapping scientific interests to participate in ISoP SIG activities.


Although the MCS SIG has only been officially active since 2017, the article by Dr. Moore describes a flurry of activity by the group, all aimed towards the overarching goal of promoting the use of advanced mathematical approaches in drug development. These activities include sponsoring symposia and an invited speaker at the ACoP Annual Meeting, awarding poster prizes for outstanding research presented at ACoP, and helping to develop special issues of journals to highlight advances within the field. Helpfully, the article situates the MCS SIG within the landscape of the other ISoP SIGs so that readers may understand how the work of the SIG complements, rather than competes with, ongoing activities sponsored by the Society.


Overall, this brief article should be of interest to many readers of the journal and will likely stimulate new ideas for advancing the use of mathematical and computational approaches in pharmacology.


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