ASCPT News: April 2021

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 4/1/2021 5:00:00 AM

Register for the International Transporter Consortium Workshop 4 (ITCW4) Webinar and Three-Day Program and Get Ready to Submit a Proposal for ASCPT 2022!
The learning opportunities continue with the upcoming International Transporter Consortium Workshop 4 webinar and three-day online program. Plus, ASCPT will soon launch the call for proposals for the 2022 Annual Meeting!

Register for the International Transporter Consortium Workshop 4 (ITCW4) and ITCW4 Webinar with Guest Speaker Yuichi Sugiyama, PhD!
Join ASCPT and the International Transporter Consortium (ITC) for two learning opportunities, a special webinar featuring Yuichi Sugiyama, PhD, RIKEN Baton Zone Program on April 6, 2021, and the ITCW4 April 19-21, 2021. The April 6 webinar will be the official kick-off to the three-day workshop.  Professor Sugiyama will describe “Extended clearance concept” and show participants how to establish a physiologically- based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model that includes the transporter-mediated membrane transport and enzyme-mediated metabolism processes. In addition, changes in transporter (influx, efflux) function and metabolizing enzyme function affects the pharmacokinetics of drugs in the blood and the liver and, ultimately, the pharmacological and/or toxicological effects will be discussed. Related to the above-described objectives, the webinar will also cover recent studies on the following three topics. 
  1. Necessity of incorporating albumin-mediated hepatic uptake mechanism to obtain better in vitro/in vivo extrapolation of hepatic clearance.
  2. Substrate-dependent and/or pre-incubation time dependent Ki values of OATP1B inhibitors.
  3. Use of endogenous biomarkers to facilitate subject phenotyping and DDI Prediction.

Register for the April 6 webinar, then secure your registration for the full online ITCW4 where the important discussions on transporters will continue! 

Registration for the MID3 Roller Coaster Workshop on April 22-23, 2021, is full but you can join the waitlist. Questions about registration can be sent to meetings@ascpt.org.

ASCPT 2022 Call for Proposals Will Open in April!
The ASCPT 2022 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals site will open in April. The deadline for submission is Thursday, June 10, 2021, 4:00 pm ET. View full details are in the ASCPT 2022 Call for Proposals webpage. The ideal submission will:
  • Connect with the theme Disruptive Innovation,
  • Have speakers from diverse backgrounds, and
  • Be formatted for online presentation.
Questions regarding submission can be sent to meetings@ascpt.org.


Take Advantage of Your Access to the Network & Community Experience
Did you miss the ASCPT 2021 inaugural Network & Community Experience (NCE)? Would you like to revisit sessions or access ones you could not attend? Over twenty-six (26) hours of enriching science and innovation are now available on demand to all registrants!

Watching the NCE recordings also gives you an excellent opportunity to learn more about our Networks and Communities and to see if one or more might be a good fit for your professional development. Simply log in to the Annual Meeting platform with your credentials provided, go to the Network and Community schedule, select the session you want to view, and click on “Video.”

If you only attended the ASCPT 2021 Annual Meeting, you also have access to the NCE on demand for one year! We hope you will plan the time to engage with this excellent resource.

The ASCPT Journal Family has a Home for Your Annual Meeting-related, Real-World Evidence, and Quantitative Approaches to Drug Safety Research
The ASCPT Journal Family is now welcoming papers derived from 2021 Annual Meeting presentations and those that meet the criteria for submission to upcoming special themed issues.


Submit Your Annual Meeting Research!
Did you present a session during ASCPT’s 2021 Annual Meeting, Reimagining the Therapeutic Landscape? If so, we’d love to keep the conversation going! The ASCPT Journal Family welcomes submissions based on Annual Meeting sessions. For more information or questions about submissions please contact our Managing Editor, Alethea Gerding (alethea@ascpt.org).

Current Journal Family Calls for Papers
Additionally, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (CPT), is inviting submissions for a special themed issue on Real World Evidence (RWE) scheduled to publish in January 2022. To be considered for publication in this themed issue, manuscripts should be submitted via the online submission and tracking system by July 15, 2021. 

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology (PSP) is also inviting submissions for a special themed issue focusing on Quantitative Approaches to Drug Safety, publishing in March 2022. Manuscripts should be submitted via the online submission and tracking system by October 1, 2021, if the authors wish to be considered for this themed issue. 

ASCPT Thanks our 2021 Annual Meeting Recruitment Partners
ASCPT would like to thank our 2021 Annual Meeting Recruitment Partners and acknowledge the many resources they provided for attendees looking to take their careers to the next level!

Bristol Myers Squibb
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
Gilead Sciences
Pfizer, Inc.
US Food and Drug Administration

You can visit our Recruitment Partners and learn about their company culture, available positions, and more by clicking on their link above. If you would like to make a direct request for information, please ensure you are logged into the Annual Meeting platform with your registration credentials.

If you’d like for the ASCPT Career Center to help promote your open positions, make sure you check out the wide range of offerings available to you at special member pricing!

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to lia@ascpt.org

ASCPT Welcomes the following New Members to the Society: 

Alia Altaie, PharmD
Ahmad Anwar Fadzil, RPh
Rashi Asthana-Nijjar, MS
Ghadeer Dawwas, PhD
Feng Deng, PhD
Joshua Deppas, MS
Damayanthi (Dede) Devineni, PhD
Neil Dhopeshwarkar, PharmD
Dieuwertje Geel, MSc
Elizabeth Gibson, PharmD, PhD
Ricardo Gonzalez, BS
Nilu Goonetilleke, PhD
Kevin Hershberger, MBA
Margaret Jordan, MSc
Parisa Kargaran, PhD
Jenni Keskitalo, MD
Ranita Kirubakaran
Marton Kiss, PhD
Emily Ko, BS
Tony Lai, PharmD
Cindy Lau, BPharm
Jian Lynn Lee, MSc, RPh
Binglan Li, PhD
Piaopiao Li, MS
Kaisa Litonius, MS
Amy Liu, PharmD
Brian Lu, BS
Jessica Lu, BS, RPh
Xintian Lyu, BS
Guangda Ma, RPh
Erfan Maddah, PhD
Anil Maharaj, PhD
Anna Mattle, MS
Eliza McColl, BS
Rishi Mehta 
Melissa Mercer, DVM
Ranee Miller, BS
Amitava Mitra, PhD
So Miyoshi, PhD
Ezhilpavai Mohanan, PhD
Mariangeli Monero-Paredes, MSc
Ashley Montag, BS
Earl Morris, PharmD
James D. Morse, BSc
Tessa Mulder, BS
Asma Nadeem, PharmD
Heather Nelson, PhD
Mahesh Nepal, PhD
Thi Nguyen, MSc
Emma Nixon, BSc
Conor O’Hanlon, BS
Meah Pacheco, BS
Junghwa Park, PharmD
Mitesh Patel, PhD
Tianjing Ren, PhD
Thomas R. Roesel, MD, PhD
Charles Rotter, BS
Priyanka Roychowdhury, PhD
Laura Russell, PhD
Ednalise Santiago-Cartagena, PhD
Vishal Sarsani, MS
Erin Scholz, PhD
Vincent Seah, MBBS
Segolene Simeon, PharmD, PhD
Roopali Somani, MD
Brandon Sonn, MS
Boguang Sun, PharmD
Andrew Tjokrowidjaja, BMS
Trang Tran, MD
Michael Udoh, PhD
Sylvia van Laar, PharmD
Lingxin Wang 
Sherilyn Wong, RPh
Angela Wu, BS
Joao Paulo Ximenez, PhD
Takatoshi Yonekura, MSc
Zequan Zhang, BS
Bei Zhao, PhD


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